Getting My Eyeliner Tattoo

Well today is the day! I have been waiting ages to have my eyeliner tattooed on, and although I hate having anything near my eyes or water going in my eyes I am surprisingly calm. I have total faith in my technician and I know she will do a good job! (I did train with her after all!)

I am having upper and lower lash enhancement with a thin eyeliner across the top.

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Lower Eyeliner Tattoo

Firstly we decided on thickness and how far in I wanted the lower liner to come. Then the colour, I wanted a smokey charcoal look, to just enhance my eyes when I didn’t have any mascara on.

Does permanent makeup hurt?

The topical anaesthetic was firstly applied to the lower lash line. 20 minutes later, I was ready. And you know what, it didn’t feel too bad, slightly scratchy but it didn’t hurt. More anaesthetic was applied as the treatment on the lower lash line commenced, I was completely numb.

When the lower was finished the excess pigment was just wiped away and the anaesthetic applied to the upper lash line, time for a quick cuppa while the top was numbing!

Upper Eyeliner Tattoo

Now the top was slightly different feeling, the outer edge was fine just a light scratchy sensation but closer to the inner corner it felt a little bit stingier, but, it only lasted a few seconds and more numbing was applied. The inner corner is a bit more sensitive but was never a treatment stopper. The inner lash line is done in very small stages so that the anaesthetic has a chance to work.

When the treatment was finished I was cleaned off ready for the mirror. Wow, a little swollen but my eyes looked amazing! The thickness was perfect, and I knew that the colour was going to look very black at first but they looked great.

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Next Morning

My eyes are a little swollen but they don’t hurt, they just feel heavy like I had had a very late night.

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Few days later

Swelling has gone down and I still love it! I’ll be sad when the colour starts to shed as it heals!

5 Days After Treatment

The colour is starting to lightly shed on the lower lash line. I have the odd itch every now and then but I am just lightly tapping the itch to stop it. Don’t want to scratch as it may pull the pigment out. Feels great not having to wear mascara as it heals. You can use mascara if you want but it must be a new one.


3 Weeks After Treatment

I am completely healed! The top line is looking great, the lower line has held on one side but has not held so well on the other side. It’s not an issue though as it’s such a fine line anyway, and seeing as I have only had one treatment I am very impressed with how good the top looks. Just need to wait another three weeks till I can have my top up, by then the colour should be a bit brighter too!

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