There are a number of things that should come into account when choosing the technician that’s right for you. You should ask to see client testimonials and before and after pictures. Is the technician enthusiastic about permanent makeup? Do they keep up to date with regular training? Do they make you feel comfortable? An important thing to check is that the local authority has licensed the technician and the work space for cosmetic tattooing. Have a look around and make sure the treatment area is kept clean and tidy. Check that the technician uses disposable items and proper sanitation.
Permanent make up or micro pigmentation is a form of tattooing. The natural mineral pigment used is implanted into the skin, giving you natural results that can last years if looked after correctly. All permanent makeup whether it is performed with a hand tool i.e. micro blading, soft tap or with a machine is a tattoo and is permanent. Yes permanent makeup can fade over time but there will always be a trace of pigment in the skin. This is why colour boosters are recommended every 1 year to 18 months but clients can sometimes go years without needing a booster.
Your comfort is of the up most importance. Everyone has a different pain threshold. A topical anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area before the treatment starts and also applied during treatment. There may still be a little bit of discomfort but this should ease as the treatment progresses.
Permanent make up can last years if looked after correctly and if you keep up with your top ups. After your initial treatment you will be booked in for either another 1-3 complimentary top ups depending on the treatment, approximately 6 weeks apart. After that you won’t need to be seen for another 1 year to 18 months.
It is totally safe. A patch test is carried out before treatment starts to ensure you’re not allergic to the pigment and also the anaesthetic. The treatment is carried out using sterile individually packaged items which are one use only, so are disposed of straight after use.
Anyone is suitable for permanent make up. If you want to improve your brow shape, enhance your eyes or your lip colour you are suitable. Please take a look at the benefits of permanent make-up on my website.

Side effects to the treatment are usually localised to the treatment area. Any swelling or bruising that occurs usually subsides within 24 hours of the initial treatment. Flaking of the treatment area is normal during the healing process, all of which is fully explained in the aftercare sheet i provide post treatment. Any unusual side effects such as heat, blistering and extreme itching are extremely rare and although a patch test is carried out a minimum of 48 hours prior to any treatment an allergic response/reaction could still occur at anytime post treatment, even years after. If any unusual side effects occur then please seek medical advice straight away and inform me.

The colour will appear darker straight after treatment but will lighten as the healing process takes place. If you don’t like the final result after your 6 week top up there may be a few things that weren’t considered during the consultation process. These include: If you cannot communicate with your technician the desired look may not be realised. If your technician does not listen to your requests and doesn’t give reasonable answers as to why they want to do something different then don’t use them. The colour should be chosen based on your skin tone and eyebrow colour (if you have brows) As people change their hair colour so frequently their hair colour is not the best representation of what colour to choose. On the other hand if what you are wanting is unreasonable the technician can refuse to perform the treatment. If you are refused more than twice then maybe you should rethink what you are after.
The treatment is not finished until you have had your 6 week top up. This is because after your first treatment some of the colour may not have stayed, this happens because the skin tries to reject the pigment. This can be corrected at your top up appointment.

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