Having the right shaped brow.

Can open up your eye area and make you look years younger, wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up with perfectly groomed eyebrows which you didn’t have to spend 20 minutes drawing on, only to realise half way through the day you have wiped half your brow off.

If your brows are thin from over plucking.

Become sparse and uneven or are just completely shapeless, booking in for your permanent make up treatment will be the best thing you have ever done, and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner. At the consultation you can relax with a drink while we discuss the issues you have with your brows. I have dealt with clients who suffer from alopecia or who have lost their brows due to chemo treatment, my sympathetic approach makes my clients feel at ease and confident with the treatment they will receive.

We will discuss, shape, colour and style.

Natural blondes no longer have to worry about trying to choose the correct shade of brow pencil, even though there is a vast selection of makeup brands to choose from, choosing the right colour when you have naturally blonde hair can be a nightmare, in most cases the colours on offer are still too dark or have very strong reddish undertones. With a much wider selection of permanent makeup pigments to choose from the lightest blonde can be catered for and the correct shade custom blended to suit skin tone and hair colour. A multi-tonal brow can be created using a selection of custom colours to make your brows look as realistic and natural as possible. Brunettes may seam to have it easier when it comes to makeup selection but having naturally darker brow hair can show up even the smallest imperfection, whether it be an area which is slightly more sparse, a scar through the brow or an asymmetrical shape trying to fill in these areas with conventional makeup can leave the brow looking very blocky and unnatural. As permanent makeup heals as a powder under the skin the final result is always soft and natural, so even if you decide to have a makeup free day, your brows wont over power your face. If you want a more dramatic look for an evening out just follow your perfectly designed brow and add conventional makeup over the top.

Having been a make up artist for over 5 years.

I have acquired the skill to create the perfect shaped brow for your face shape. I have extensive colour theory knowledge so I know that the colours chosen and blended will heal perfectly in your skin.

Clients are always worried about colour choice.

Its the first question they ask before they even book in for the consultation. The great thing is each colour is custom blended by myself at the appointment. I look at your natural hair colour, and I analyse your underlying skin tones so that the colour I custom blend for you will heal beautifully in the skin. By applying the custom colour just above your brow I can show you what the healed-in result will be so you can relax knowing that your brows won’t look too dark or out of place.

Together we can decide on what style brow would be best suited to you.

A Powder Brow can give a more defined fuller look. Natural Hair Simulation mimics the look of individual hairs and can be used to create an ultra realistic brow. Or a Mix Brow, this uses the realistic hair strokes in the fronts of the brow combined with the powder look through the arch and tails to give a mix of soft in the front blending into a more defined look throughout the arch and tail.

The anaesthetic cream is applied to the brow.

Treatment area, this is a topical anaesthetic so is lightly dabbed on. Then your new brows will be created whilst you lie back and relax.

Before you leave I will give you an after care pack.

Containing your ointment and some clean cotton buds with an aftercare sheet explaining how to look after your new brows.