Amy Packer

I always knew what I wanted to be when I was younger, I didn’t know then that what I was interested in doing would eventually lead me into this amazing industry.
Having grown up with two younger sisters they were always my “clients” hairstyles, makeup, you name it, they were always practiced on. So it came as no surprise when I decided to train as a hairdresser and beautician when I left school.

After completing my training gaining NVQ 2&3 in hairdressing and beauty I got myself a job in a local salon. While I was there I decided to further my education and enrolled on a TV and film makeup course which was taught by a top BBC makeup artist. The training was amazing and although it involved weeks and weeks of just drawing on brows, eyeliner and lip lines (which at the time was a bit tedious) it has become invaluable in the career that I now find myself in. I passed my final exams with one of the highest grades in the class and gained a Distinction.

Amy Packer


Once I had passed I decided that I was ready to venture into the world of business on my own. I set up as a mobile hairdresser and beauty therapist, offering hair and makeup services for brides and local photographers. I built up my business, gained a large client base and became well known in the local area for being trusted and reliable. Its only by chance that I am now just focusing on Permanent Makeup and Micro-needling.

One of my very close friends was asked to do some filming for a local Permanent Makeup Trainer. After a few days of filming I had a phone call which would lead me into my new career. She was so excited about permanent makeup I had to look into it further. I eventually decided on doing my training at the very place she had been filming for.

Since my initial training in 2013 I have gone on to do more advanced training with some of the top trainers from around the world, so that I can offer the best treatments to my clients. I continue to invest in my education not only so I can offer the best possible service but because I love it.


I am so passionate about what I do and I love not only creating beautiful natural permanent makeup, I also love the way it makes my clients feel once they have had a treatment from me. The tears of joy from brow clients who have felt so down about not having any eyebrows due to over-plucking, medical conditions or stress. The clients who arrive with their heads down, who leave standing tall and smiling. And the ones who squeal with excitement, hug me so tight and cant stop looking in the mirror. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they want permanent makeup being able to solve the issues they have and having happy clients leaving my clinic makes what I do so much more than just a job.

So if you have been considering getting permanent makeup then please give me a call and lets discuss the next step.