Permanent Lip Procedures

Lip treatments are amazing!

If you’re unhappy with the shape, and colour of your lips then a lip treatment is perfect for you.

Every treatment is bespoke.

Tailored to your needs. A lip blush can give a subtle hint of colour, not only enhancing your lips, but correcting any minor asymmetry.

A full colour can correct an uneven lip.

Colour and enhance a fading lip. Although the treatment may look quite bright to start with this only lasts a few days before the lip starts shedding. The colour after that will appear to have faded but once the lip has fully healed the colour slowly blushes through to the surface. You will have a gorgeous pout that will only be enhanced and look extra fabulous when you apply a clear gloss, or if you want to be more dramatic, just apply a lipstick of your choice!