Hair Loss & Thinning

Loosing your hair can have a massive impact on your self esteem and confidence. Whether its because of a medical condition, medication, or a trauma, it can make you feel anxious and upset, and feeling that way may and can cause further hair loss. Shuna Hammocks from Sussex Trichology is a specialist in hair loss and hair thinning, she aims to help her patients improve their condition and reverse the effects of non permanent hairloss.

Eyebrow Loss

Eyebrow loss is a scarring condition called Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia mostly found in post-menopausal women. There are also similar symptoms faced by people with thyroid dysfunction where the outer third of the brow is lost and some in Alopecia Areata too.
The eyebrows really frame the face and seeing the damage in the mirror is a constant reminder that there is a problem.

Sussex Trichology and Amy Packer Permanent Make Up

Working together we can not only help each others businesses, but we can really make a difference to our clients lives. For some of Shuna’s patients their hair loss will be permanent, but there is a solution. By coming to me, I can create a new set of brows or eyeliner for a patient of Shuna’s who is suffering from a form of hair loss. Permanent make up takes away the hassel of constantly applying make up to the area and boosts someones confidence. Not only improving the way they look but improving their lives.

If you are suffering from any type of hair loss, thinning or any scalp issues then contact Shuna Hammocks at Sussex Trichology

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