18 10, 2021

BeautifEye Eye Rejuvating Treatment

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Bring back the radiance to tired eyes with BeautifEye.

The skin around our eyes is fine and fragile so shows signs of ageing rather quickly. Did you know we blink around 15,000 times a day? We laugh, squint in the sun, rub our eyes when they’re […]

14 04, 2020

Saline Tattoo Lightening

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Saline Tattoo Lightening

Li-ft is a saline based product used to lighten small unwanted tattoos or permanent makeup. I can treat any small tattoo in one session or one area of permanent makeup.

Areas I can treat are:

  • Brows
  • Unwanted wings on an eyeliner
  • Migrated eyeliner
  • Pigment […]
4 08, 2018

Permanent Eyelash Extensions

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Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a big thing at the moment, with people having them done for a special event or a holiday and some people having them topped up every 2-4 weeks! And I can totally understand why. Waking up with gorgeous eyes, going […]

26 07, 2018

The Importance of Permanent Makeup Patch Tests

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The Importance of Permanent Makeup Patch Tests

With any permanent makeup treatment there is one thing you MUST have before treatment commences and it could save your face.

A patch test should be carried out at least 24-48 hours before any permanent makeup is applied. This is […]

17 06, 2014

New Brows and Gorgeous Eyes

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New Brows and Gorgeous Eyes


The lovely Judy has been one of my clients for her beauty treatments for quite a few years now. I have always tinted her brows and eyelashes to give them a bit more definition but as many people know this only lasts […]

30 04, 2014

Recent Hair Simulation Brow Pics

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Natural Hair Simulation Brows

Natural hair simulation brows are the most gorgeous and natural looking Semi Permanent brow style to go for.

Whether or not you have your own natural brows this treatment gives you such a realistic look your friends wont have a clue its tattooed […]

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