Permanent Makeup Specialist


Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

for a beautiful look
  • A slightly fuller look. 
  • Looking for an accentuated browshape.
Price £305


Brows-Natural Hair Simulation
  • Replicates individual hairs. 
  • For those who want a more natural look.
Price £325


Brows-Mix Of Both
  • Hair stroke & Powder. 
  • Softness & Definition.
Price £345


Permanent Eyeliner Treatments

for a beautiful look

This can be subtle lash enhancement or a thicker line. Thickness can be discussed at the time of appointment. 


Permanent Lip Treatments

for a beautiful look

Lips Lacking Luster and Fullness Can Be Transformed With Lip Treatment. Just by enhancing your natural lip border you can have fuller kissable lips. 


Lip Liner
  • A line enhancing the border of the Lip. Creating lush lip contours.
  • Lasting beautiful colour.
Price £250


Lip Blush
  • This is in between a Liner and Full Colour. 
  • Colour is blushed into the centre of the Lip and gives an illusion of fullness.
Price £300


Lip Full Colour
  • The chosen colour is placed over the entire lip area. 
  • Great for people who want an all over look.
Price £350


Colour Booster - Eye Brows

Eye Brows

Colour Booster - Eyeliner


Colour Booster - Lips



Extra touch ups £50 tray fee.


Extra touch ups £50 tray fee.

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