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Hi, I’m Amy Packer a Permanent Makeup Specialist and etc Hair and Beauty Award Winner based in Haywards Heath, west Sussex.

Whether your after perfectly defined brows, enhanced eyes or a smudge proof pout. I have the perfect treatment for you so you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Subtle or dramatic, all looks are tailored to you so you’ll look fabulous 24/7, at the spa, at the gym or lunching with the ladies!

I operate from Haywards Heath, west Sussex providing alternate days of the week for client appointments. See my contact information and locations for appointments.

Permanent Makeup Specialist

Amy Packer
Amy PackerPermanent Makeup Specialist

Eyebrows, Eyelids, Lips

Permanent Makeup with Amy Packer

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Perfectly defined brows, enhanced eyes or a smudge proof pout. I have the perfect treatment for you so you’ll be the envy of all your friends.



If you have decided to have the nipple made as part of your surgery or not. I can tattoo on an areola and a nipple that actually looks 3D.



Look to buy your special person a gift card to purchase any of my permanent makeup services as the perfect Christmas, Birthday or Special treat gift.



Amy Packer - Refined Beginner Brow Training Course


  • Beginners Brow Training

  • Online Course Tutorial

  • In person training by Amy Packer

  • Certificate of Achievement


Pre requisite: You must have a qualification in Anatomy & Physiology to take this course.

The £500 fee for signing up is non-refundable. Please contact Amy Packer Permanent Makeup before signing up to this course.

The remaining balance of £4,450+VAT is payable 14 days before your hands on training with Amy.


Amy Packer Permanent Makeup


Amy Packer Permanent Makeup
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I wanted permanent eyebrows as it was affecting my confidence. Waking up each morning with hardly any & having to pencil them in daily.Amy came highly recommended by my daughter who had researched on the internet. My permanent eyebrows are the best make up I have ever had – perfect shape, perfect colour & long lasting / just a top up every year.  My confidence is restored! Thank you Amy for the perfect job.

Carol Lewis, Client

I was at a party and admired the eyebrows of one of the guests.  She told me that they were permanent makeup that she had had done by Amy Packer. My eyebrows, or the lack of them, had been a concern to me for ages.  I am of the age group that plucked and plucked until  there was little or nothing left to frame the face.

Chris Daley, Client

WOW WOW!! Just come back from my holiday to Greece and after having my eye liner and brows now for 6 months – I did not need to wear any make up no eyeliner running down my face when in and out of the pools with the kids!! Fantastic job Amy and the brows have not faded!! I was looking good without any effort!! xxx

Judy Simpson, Client

I went to Amy on the recommendation of a friend who had been to see her several times and was very happy with the results. Always good to know! I used to keep my eyebrows well hidden under heavy fringes and can now have much lighter fringes, or no fringe at all, without embarrassment. Thank you!

Amy, Client

I contacted Amy three years ago as I had plucked my eyebrows to death in my teens and having got to my seventies was so fed up of pencilling them in.  They are amazing and made such a big difference !!. I visit Amy every year for top up and have also had eye liner on top and bottom lids.  If you’re thinking about having anything done don’t hesitate.  Amy’s a lovely girl and does such great work.

Anna, Client

I’d always been unhappy with my eyebrows and considered permanent make up but wasn’t sure if it was a step id wanted to take. I’ve knows Amy for years and when I found out she had qualified in permanent make up I was more than happy to look into it further.  She offered me a full consultation, and after a patch test and getting the all clear. I couldn’t be happier with my new eyebrows I would highly recommend Amy to anyone!

Ziggy Saxton, Client

I’ve hated my brows for years. I could never get the shape I wanted and I hated having to pencil them on daily, when I first heard about semi permanent make I was a little worried. Amy was brilliant at responding quickly to my questions and fab at reassuring me throughout the actually treatment. It was a pleasant experience and I absolutely love my new brows! Highly recommend Amy and her beautiful work! X

Ali, Client

I’m such a perfectionist, and was really worried that i wouldn’t like my eyebrows once they were done.  I was told they could fade up to 70% in the first two weeks, I would say they have faded about 20% at the most and i am yet to have my top up appointment. So impressed! Saves me so much time in the mornings and on days when i don’t want to wear any make-up at all, thank you!

Jade Williams, Client

I recently went to Amy for permanent make-up after wanting my eyebrows tattooed for quite a while and I wasn’t disappointed. I love my new eyebrows, I get so many compliments and they look so natural everyone is surprised when I say they’ve been tattooed. After filling in my eyebrows every day I love how I never have to worry about them now… I LOVE THEM!

Justine Bateman, Client


Areola tattoo for a beautiful lady 💗

I love this treatment. Being able to make some feel "normal" again makes me so happy 😌

#areolatattoo #areolatattoosussex #areolatattooing #breastcancerwarrior #breastcancer #breastcancersucks

Sometimes it's important to listen to your body and actually stop when it's mentally exhausted and run down.
I was all set to ignore it and crack on with doing some marketing training and work more on my business but, after speaking to @jennaleighmentor she persuaded me to take a day off and rest.

I had a looooong bath have scrolled Facebook and insta with no regrets and now I'm enjoying an iced Latte with very over frothed oat milk 🙈🤣

Jenna reminded me that it's OK to take a breather and actually I'm so glad I listened. I am feeling much better already. And I'll be back again refreshed for a busy day tomorrow 😊

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely sunny afternoon 😎

Tell me what you're up to 😘😘

Healed lips which are a perfect match to my clients favourite lipstick 💄

I love healed pics! ❤️

#permanentmakeup #permanentlips #permanentliptattoo #lushiouslips #lipblushtattoo #cosmetictattoo #ink #tattoo #lipblush #kissprooflips #pmuartist #liptattoosussex

A freshly boosted set of hairstroke brows for my lovely client Zo!

If you like them please press the heart ❤️

✨️ Pro Artist for @thepmucircle
As always I used my trusty single HQ needles along with coloressense pigments.
All available from @laylahinchen

#permanentmakeup #permanentbrows #permanenteyebrows #hairstrokebrows #combinationbrows #permanentmakeupsussex #hyperrealism #mumsofsussex

Fresh latino for a lovely lady I have known pretty much forever @ami1811

Just makes her green eyes pop 😍
Classic and beautiful 🖤

✨️ Pro Artist for @thepmucircle

#permanentmakeup #permanenteyeliner #eyeliner #eyelinertattoo #cosmetictattoo #ink #tattoo #eyes #mumsofsussex

Here is the freshly topped up and slightly thicker upper lash enhancement 🖤

If you want defined eyes with a subtle eyeliner then a lash enhancement is what you need 😍

✨️ Pro Artist for @thepmucircle
5rs and Coloressense Powder Black From @laylahinchen

#permanentmakeup #permanenteyeliner #eyeliner #eyelinertattoo #cosmetictattoo #ink #tattoo #eyes #mumsofsussex

Healed super subtle lash enhancement 😍
My client was after something really thin and delicate for her first appointment. At top up she wanted more 😅 everyone always wants more 🤣

Keep your eyes peeled for the top up picture 🖤

✨️ Pro Artist for @thepmucircle
Real Black and micro pmu 5rs from @laylahinchen

#permanentmakeup #permanenteyeliner #eyeliner #eyelinertattoo #cosmetictattoo #ink #tattoo #eyes #mumsofsussex

Money off future treatments or colour boosters?!

If you recommend someone to me and they mention your name I'll add £10 credit to your client account that you can use towards new treatments or colour boosters! (Up to a max of £50 per treatment)

They need to mention your name at their first appointment.

My business has been built from recommendation so its my way of saying thank you as I wouldn't have a business without you 😘

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