27 03, 2014

Sussex Trichology

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Sussex Trichology

If you or anyone you know is having any sort of hair and/or scalp problem which is really getting them down book a consultation with Shuna Hammocks consultant trichologist from Sussex Trichology.

Shuna’s warm smile and total enthusiasm for her work will put you at ease straight away, she is very empathetic, and along with her knowledge and experience in most cases she will be able to diagnose what the condition is.

In a typical consultation Shuna will take various things into consideration including, medical history, any medication, lifestyle, allergies, and your daily hair care ritual. She will then give your scalp a thorough examination, before giving you her diagnosis.

When it comes to possible treatment of your condition you may have a treatment in the clinic on the same day as your consultation. A treatment may consist of having various creams applied to the scalp and/or hair, steam treatment and a relaxing scalp and neck massage using Philip Kingsley products and medications.

If home treatment is recommended Shuna will prescribe the right Philip Kingsly products for you to buy and use at home. Shuna will also give you a detailed run down of how and when to use the products.

Sussex Trichology really look after their patients physically and mentally.

If you would like to book a consultation with Shuna at Sussex Trichology then pick up the phone and call 01444 448082 or check the website for further information www.sussextrichology.co.uk

20 08, 2013

Permanent Makeup Patch Test

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The Importance Of Permanent Makeup Patch Tests

Why Have A Patch Test?

With any permanent makeup treatment there is one thing you MUST have before treatment commences. And it could avoid irrepairable damage being done to your face.

When To Have A Patch Test?

A patch test should be carried out at least 12 hours before any permanent makeup is applied. This is a simple step which takes just a few seconds to do but could save you a lot of hassle, heart ache and pain.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right”]http://www.amypackerpermanentmakeup.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/patch-test-e1377273981891.jpg[/image_frame]

How A Patch Test Is Performed…

Using a lancet the skin is pierced twice,  the pigment is applied to the 1st area and topical anaesthetic is applied to the 2nd area. This feels like a tiny scratch and may sting for a split second, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Common Reactions To  A Patch Test…

Reactions include, rashes, major swelling (there will be a little swelling after a treatment but this is normal and should go down within a few days) inflammation, irritation, soreness and sometimes lumps under the skin.

Warning About Not Having A Patch Test…

Removing permanent make up is not an easy job. Laser can take a few sessions and there still maybe some pigment left behind also it’s not always safe to laser round your eyes.

It amazes me that there are still some technicians out there that are happy to perform a treatment without carrying out a patch test first. Not only is it so easy to do but the clients health should ALWAYS be put first.



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