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25 08, 2022

Melanie Aslin – Beauty Therapist

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Hi I’m Melanie Aslin I am a beauty therapist and I have been a qualified Permanent Makeup technician for 5 years. Not long after my initial training I found out I was pregnant, as amazing as this was, I was unable to push and focus on doing permanent makeup treatments as I was busy being a new mum. I slowly started to loose confidence in doing these treatments so stopped pushing them and focussed on what I knew and what I was confident in but, I wanted more. I wanted to start pushing the permanent makeup but I was massively lacking in confidence.

I found Amy and saw that she was offering training. I decided to retrain focussing on powder brows and hairstroke brows. I was only initially trained in microblading and not machine strokes but I didn’t enjoy microblading at all.

Amy took me back to basics and we revisited colour theory along with all the contra-indications and contra actions. The hands on manual training with a machine was intense. I worked on latex and Amy gave me pointers where I could improve and got me creating a smooth airy powder brow, before moving onto a live model. The next day we focussed on hairstrokes, it took me a little while to get the hang of creating hairstrokes but Amy was really patient with me and again helped me with techniques. I got to do another model from start to finish under the watchful eye of Amy she ensured my depth and speed remained constant throughout. The final day I got to do a further 2 models which really cemented the techniques I learnt and helped build my confidence.

“If anyone is thinking of training in Permanent Makeup I 100% recommend Amy, she is patient and very knowledgeable. I now have a renewed confidence in permanent makeup and have happily pushed it and am now getting more clients.”

– Melanie Aslin –

9 03, 2022


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I’m very pleased to announce that I’m providing a complete training course at beginner level for Refined Brow Training.

*Pre requisite: You must have a qualification in Anatomy & Physiology to take this course.

*The £500 fee for signing up is non-refundable. Please contact Amy Packer Permanent Makeup before signing up to this course.

*The remaining balance of £4,450 is payable 14 days before your hands on training with Amy.

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