Hi Amy

Finally got round to putting a few words together following my eyebrow experience with you, sorry its taken me so long no excuses and I’m so happy with them.

As I said before, having dipped my toe in the water before and had an unpleasant experience, I was a bit anxious second time round. I needn’t have worried……….you put me at ease right from the start and, whilst your bubbly personality shone through from the beginning, you are a total professional. From the very first pre-treatment appointment you were reassuring and I trusted you – a big plus given my previous experience. As for the treatment and result itself, I couldn’t have asked for better, you constantly checked my comfort and I never felt uncomfortable with the treatment at any time. As for the result, it has changed my morning make-up routine, no more drawing on eyebrows that don’t match or that slide off my face during the course of the day. In addition you have also managed to correct the previous disaster that I was walking around with every day so again , what more could I ask for ?

This experience has shown me how important it is to do your homework before you undergo any treatments and how the person who does the treatment is the key to getting the results you hope for. Having the eyebrows I have now changes my face completely – no more drawn on granny surprised look for me and no effort on my part every morning, what a result. I feel good even without make up and I cant grumble at that at my age!, I would not hesitate to recommend Amy and will definitely have them topped up when the time comes. Big thank you to you Amy

Jayne Fry


As I’ve always had rather sparse blonde eyebrows that hardly showed at all in the summer- I felt the need to pencil my brows on daily.

I was introduced to Amy via a friend and was relieved both personally as mentioned and professionally as so many hair loss patients of mine ( as a Trichologist) experience total eyebrow loss as a result of scarring hair loss.

I’ve previously had semi-permanent eyebrows around 10 years ago, but now wearing a perfect set of arched, natural looking eyebrows- I can now say how gentle, professional and friendly Amy was throughout my treatment and thorough preparation. Nowhere near the solid dark false looking things I had before and with no pain!

I massively recommend Amy Packer to anyone who wishes to look their best- permanently! I look forward to having my eyeliner next- then I will be able to dispose of my pencil sharpener for good!

Shuna Hammocks


I have been really unhappy with my eyebrows for years now and dreaded having photos taken as they are so uneven I used to spend ages each morning pencilling them in and praying it doesn’t rain.

I looked into getting them tattooed a while back on the internet but decided against it as I was a little apprehensive and didn’t know much about the procedure.

I have been going to Amy for a few Years now for my beauty treatments and whilst having my nails done I mentioned that I hated my eyebrows and was fed up or having to pencil them in every day.

Amy informed me that she was doing some training in permanent makeup and I expressed my interest in getting them done.

Once Amy had finished her training and explained the procedure in detail to me I decided to book the treatment.

I have to say that this has been life changing it really has, it has given me so much more confidence and now thanks To Amy I don’t have to spend ages each morning trying to even up my brows.

The main reason I booked with Amy is because I trust her and she is an excellent beautician, her work speaks for itself.

I highly recommend Amy she is fantastic!

Michelle Pockett


I’d been thinking of having permanent make-up done on my eyebrows for ages and when I found out Amy did permanent make-up I emailed her right away. She got back to me really quickly and I got myself an appointment.

Amy was fantastic, she put me at ease and talked me through every step of the procedure. She drew the brows on in pencil, making sure they were even and followed the shape of my natural brow. She checked I was happy with the shape and colour and then made sure I was comfortable to begin the procedure.

I’ve since had my top-up and my eyebrows are now completely healed and I am absolutely thrilled with the result! They look so natural and I’ve had so many compliments! One of my work colleagues was so impressed that she booked an appointment for her and her daughter to get theirs done too!

Getting permanent make-up done on my eyebrows has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made- it saves me so much time in the morning! Amy really is a true artist! They’re amazing- thank you so much!

Natasha Biggs


Amy has been cutting mine and my daughters hair for a while now and has recently done my permanent eyeliner, both of which i love. Amy is a very caring and professional person which is reflected in her work. She’s very passionate about her job and is always happy and smiling. She’s very good at what she does, which is why

I wouldn’t want go to anywhere else.

Claire Smith


I’d always been unhappy with my brows and unsure what to do about it, so I jumped at the chance to have Amy help me with them. The consultation was thorough and the procedure was explained fully. Both appointments that followed were far less scary than I’d imagined! Amy put me at ease straight away, and then

got to work. The procedure itself was more than manageable, and after the anaesthetic got to work, I felt nothing at all! I love my new brows and will definitely be having them topped up when the time comes!

Emma Deeprose


I first met Amy when she did hair and makeup for my daughter’s wedding. Amy did my makeup for me and it was lovely and lasted all day.

Since then I have had my eyebrows tattooed , my eyebrows have always been a bit sparse and I had to always draw them on,  I was quite nervous but Amy was very confident and professional  and my worries soon disappeared . I am delighted with my eyebrows and it’s lovely not to have to do anything with them when I do my makeup. I would thoroughly recommend Amy, her work is amazing, she is very friendly and a pleasure to be around.

Pamela Eveleigh


I recently went to Amy for permanent make-up after wanting my eyebrows tattooed for quite a while and I wasn’t disappointed. I love my new eyebrows, I get so many compliments and they look so natural everyone is surprised when I say they’ve been tattooed. After filling in my eyebrows every day I love how I never have to worry about them now… I LOVE THEM!

Justine Bateman


As a Burn Care Advisor for the London and South East of England Network and an experienced Burns Specialist Nurse, I have long been aware of the permanent make-up techniques used to improve the cosmetic outcome for burns survivors.

In May 2013 Amy did the upper and lower eye liner treatment for me. I am an active person when it comes to my lifestyle and a lazy person when it comes to my make up, so permanent eye liner treatment suited me for a number of reasons. It would stay put, not smudge, not wash off, and not run down my face when I am giving it 100% at the gym or during a key race. Yet it would satisfy my vanity and ensure eye definition and a strong eye liner effect to my upper and lower eyelids, without having to resort to getting up extra early to apply it or staying up when I’m on my last legs to take it off! Perfect!

Despite having detailed knowledge of the treatments available, I was nervous to have something “permanent” applied to my own face. Of course, as with any permanent treatment, I had concerns over the wrong or uneven cosmetic outcome. And what if I didn’t like it? However, I really needn’t have worried when it came to the care and attention devoted to my treatment by Amy Packer. Amy and I discussed the eye liner treatment and the effect I was after well in advance of the treatment. Amy then did a patch test on the skin behind my ear to ensure I would not have an allergic reaction to the dye used to “colour” the eye liner. After a few weeks, I met with Amy for my first treatment where again Amy went through the details and potential side effects/reactions and important after care for the eye liner treatment.

Amy applied a local anaesthetic gel to numb the eye lids to ensure a more comfortable treatment. The first “pass” felt like someone scratching my eye lids, I won’t lie it did hurt a little but was bearable. Amy was very patient and took her time with the treatment, frequently reapplying the local anaesthetic gel when needed. The second “pass” was pain free and felt like a make up artist applying some eye make up to my eyes. At the end of the treatment Amy gave me the aftercare instructions in writing and an aftercare gel to apply to eye lid areas at home.

As I wanted a heavier, thicker line to give me a strong eye liner effect, I returned to Amy for 2 further treatments. These were at no extra charge to ensure I achieved the effect I wanted.

I absolutely love the soft but thick natural line effect I have achieved with Amy’s help. The eye liner really enhances my eyes beautifully and looks so natural that I have to point out to my friends and family that I have had permanent eye liner treatment done to ensure my eyes get the attention they deserve.

Thank you, Amy! I would definitely recommend.

Krissie Stiles


I’d always been unhappy with my eyebrows and considered permanent make up but wasn’t sure if it was a step I wanted to take. I’ve known Amy for years from doing my hair and other treatments so when I learned she qualified in semi-permanent make up I was more than happy to look into it further. She offered me a full consultation and after having the patch test done and getting the all clear I was thrilled to book in for the treatment. I couldn’t be happier with my new eyebrows and have since taken my mum and sister to have their eyebrows done. Would highly recommend Amy to anyone!

Ziggy Saxton


Amy did a brilliant job on my eyebrows. She was very patient and took her time to get them right for me.

Cathy Saxton


We went for the patch test to make sure we weren’t allergic to any of the products. This assured me that Amy was being careful and safe. When getting the tattoo done Amy wanted to be sure that we were happy with the colour and shape that I was getting. Very friendly and patient. I also answered some basic health questions to be sure the procedure would not be detrimental to my health, again, reassuring. I had an anaesthetic cream applied to make the tattoo process more comfortable, it was not painful at all. Just that the area closest to the centre, it felt as if I was having my eyebrows plucked a little faster than I could myself. The end result was amazing! Perfect eyebrows for the first time ever! I had a special vitamin and healing balm to put on after, to help look after the tattoo and instructions to make sure I looked after them. Almost one week later and the scabs have almost completely come off and my eyebrows look amazing. I understand that they could have faded up to 70% but have already made the follow up appointment (6 weeks from when they were first done) Everyone I see loves how they look. Thanks Amy I will recommend you to anyone who wants this done.

Kelly Saxton


I had my eyebrows done 2 weeks ago by Amy and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The difference it has made to my make up routine and my confidence without make up is astonishing! From first contacting Amy, to the consultation, to the procedure she has been fantastic, very helpful, professional and informative. I’m so happy with her work. My eyebrows are a perfect colour and shape and I can’t wait to go back for my top up!

Giverny Kunna


Many years ago I received some medical treatment that caused my hair to thin and I lost my eyebrows.  I have always wanted to have my eyebrows back to the way they were before treatment but never been able to do it.

Amy was my hair dresser and told me all about doing her Semi-Permanent Make-Up course to which I replied “fantastic, let me know when you are ready to do my eyebrows”.  We booked an appointment for a colour patch test and then went ahead and designed my new eyebrows.

A month later I had a great new set of brows that looked normal and not penciled in, Amy was at the end of the phone to give me advice when they started to scab and topped my colour up after they had healed.

I would recommend anyone wanting to have Semi-Permanent Make-Up to contact Amy, the procedure is done in a relaxing atmosphere and although not pain free a lot less painful than you would expect.

Thank you so much Amy for giving me my eyebrows back and making me more confident.

Jenny Codling